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25.1.2017, 13:00



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The next chapter starts in two weeks from now! I'm so excited.
In chapter two you will see the introduction to the plot of The Great Council of Kreyilon which is a parallel plot allowing you to learn the story of the universe, founding the kingdom of Hellcephira and whatnot.
So happy ♥


1.2.2017, 14:00

i wrote a long comment but then i realised how fucking retarded it was so i deleted it entirely because what the fuck is wrong with me
So, like, Kakyoin is my bby and this character look cute as fuck too so I hope he wont disappoint my expectations because at this point he has some qualifications to becaome my favorite character from that story.
okay this comment is not as retarded as previous one, this one stays

1.2.2017, 14:02

also you know me for some time so probably you already know that im
a) fucking retarded
b) batshit crazy
so actually probably i could post that one comment i deleted tbh

1.2.2017, 15:05

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When my notifications said that I have some new activity under this page I didn't expect to be greeted by so many comments, haha.

1) No, I didn't plan how he's going to die yet, I will consider this. Maybe.
2) I also hope he won't disappoint you. I bet he feels like he is about to get the job he dreams of right now.
3) Don't worry,I don't mind the comments.

Ps. Titles are not on right now because I still didn't get any idea where to put them in the comment layout.

1.2.2017, 23:58

i hope so too because honestly right now at this point in the comic he doesnt reallt come across as the nicest, sweetest guy :(

1.2.2017, 14:03

wait where the fuck is title of my comment? because without title it looks kinda rambling
the title was that he looks like kakyoin, his hair. that was whole point

1.2.2017, 14:12

hi, did you already have idea how the character with red hair gonna die? if not i suggest to someone kill him making big hole in his torso

1.2.2017, 23:55

oh yeah he could look like a donut you know haha

2.2.2017, 9:33

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or a big stuffed olive judging by his colors

2.2.2017, 0:08

yamm ;3 mmm i love his hole ;]

2.2.2017, 9:30

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Should I give you and his hole some privacy?

19.5.2017, 22:08

make him a donut bby

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