Chapter: 002 Page: 023
15.11.2017, 22:46



Anshrilda Rallosameer


Protip: If there is a body part you find useless, you have every right to remove it.

Seriously though, It's just a part of their costume, nothing suspicious here. They have them in regular dimension too (where these do nothing as well) but she hoped they might work in the dream world (well, some things cannot be fixed even there I guess).

Meh, I should train drawing a bit. I think the new pages can be improved a bit, but I got rusty after the hiatus.


17.11.2017, 15:23

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I mean, she has a point! X3

17.11.2017, 15:33

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Yea, she does. Who was even the mastermind behind this design? :D

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