Chapter: 003 Page: 020
18.7.2018, 12:00



Riamidea Luciferimus


It finally clicked for her! \o/

When I was drawing this page I was laughing so hard that I started to cough and I got a headache.
Lusstoni is the eldest brother of Luciferimus. He is the most cunning of them all (and he is also the biggest pain in the ass). Until this point the notebook was so cute and stuff and suddenly his brother set on fire appears out of the blue.
This is also a reference to one of the things I personally wrote as a kid.

Ps. 5 pages till the next chapter! \o/

"Lusstoni found out about my trips and he told our dad. Now I'm not allowed to use portals.
I will visit her one more time though. I got to say the last goodbye.
Maybe they won't find out."

"She made a box for me.
She told me to keep it so that i will never forget about our friendship"


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