Chapter: 003 Page: 024
15.8.2018, 12:00



Riamidea Luciferimus


The truth is that he didn't really want to let her become a guard. During the first chapter you could see that Riamidea has an over protective brother who insisted that she is not going to do anything risky and she just wanted to do them even more. Luciferimus watched that scene whilst being transformed into a bat.
He thought that if her brother says no and it makes ignore his words, she will like him [the prince] more if he says yes. He didn't say that but he decided that if she doesn't pass the trial, he will still be able to keep in touch with her so whatever happens it's a win-win situation.

Riamidea on the other hand is not entirely what they think she is. She has an ace in her sleeve and that makes her quite confident about her abilities.
Without spoiling too much, officially she would say that she joined the trial to annoy her brother, but the truth is a bit different. She is not THAT bad after all.


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