Chapter: 004 Page: 003
26.9.2018, 19:10



Riamidea Luciferimus Roxyvan King Beelzeberiad Trial Guard


You might have been wondering why Riamidea's brother is there even though it's not his trial. As you could see in the first chapter, he was about to apply for a guard position. His application was accepted, but his own trial is going to be organized much later. As he is the brother of Riamidea, the King let him stay and see it to find out how it looks. In this situation he should try to make a good impression in front of the king... AT LEAST TRY.

You can see shoulder of Luciferimus also. He is not going to be very visible in this chapter, but be sure he will do something rather... erm... well, Luciferimusish??

Ps. I really enjoy drawing the king in this chapter. He is not going to appear very often so maybe I will draw a side art with him.


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