Chapter: 004 Page: 013
5.12.2018, 13:00



Luciferimus King Beelzeberiad


Luciferimus: You have already said enough to decrease my champion's chance of succeeding and I cannot agree to that, father *Turns his microphone off*

Seriously now, Luciferimus is a character who due to his lack of life experience is standing between being a pristine good boy and a cheating rogue. He tries to be good but sometimes he does silly things to achieve his goals.
When his father recalled that he has one more thing to say, Luciferimus panicked and quietly disabled his microphone. He realized that the one thing can decrease Riamidea's chance of succeeding and he REALLY wants her to pass. What he did is kinda bad, but he doesn't realize it yet.
Can you see the smirk on his face? Now he is probably thinking "Aww yeah, it's all set"


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