When do you update?

Wednesdays at 12:00PM GMT +1. Sometimes I'm late (from 4 minutes to 2 days) but I always try to update at least once per week.

Note: If you see that not updating for longer than two days and I didn't post any announcement explaining why,
try to send me a message somewhere. I was probably kidnapped by the king of Hellcephira who is trying to
find out why I posted weird pictures of him on the internet of Earth.

Comic length

How many chapters is this comic going to have?

Many. I can't really tell yet but it's a long-term comic.
I'm even considering making Hellcephira 2 after reaching the final point of the story
so expect it to be long. Very long.

How many pages are chapters going to have?

I'm aiming at 25-30 but if the chapter is going to be longer than that I will just a second chapter labelled as part two.

Tools and programs

What programs do you use to draw the comic?

Krita for drawings and Gravit Designer for text.

Website and Design

Do you host your own website?

No, I use Comicfury to host my comic.
I used to have a custom website but I disbanded it due to costs being too high for
a low-population page.If you know HTML you can make pretty nice websites with ComicFury
and the admins are really nice so I recommend this hosting if you want something free, with lots of options and nice community.

So you made the website layout?

Yes, I coded it all. Maybe I'm weird but creating things with HTML is super fun to me.

I want to post your content somewhere, may I?

Well, as long as you are not trying to earn money on that or claim it as your own...
You may use comic panels as your avatar or something. If you want to re-post some of my pages, remember not to crop the link off and add a link to the original upload.

May I translate your comic?

If you wish to translate the comic to some other language, remember to link the original site (hellcephira.eu) and mark your website as a fan translation.

Comic Development

I found a grammatical error, should I tell you?

Please, do. I'm a self-taught English speaker who used MMO games instead of books.
I'm fully aware that my English is not perfect but I'm willing to improve.

How did you come up with this story?

I don't remember what started the very first project I made but it was the ancestor of this one.
When the previous comic died, I used its remains to create the second one - Hellcephira.
That change was caused by a dream showing me the story told in a different way which I absolutely fell in love with.
It happened in 2010 and I went through many failed attempts of giving life to this project but I finally managed to come up with the version I actually like and I'm passionate about.

Who is the author?

The creator is the one and only, untainted by professionalism - Ypsilenna
I am a self-taugh artist. In the past I made lots of World of Warcraft arts but now I'm spending almost all my creating power on drawing comic related stuff.

Characters and names

Why do some characters look like girls even though they are guys?

That's mostly fault of the drawing style I use for this comic.
Some characters have feminine facial features and that combined with cute-cartoonish lines makes them look like that. (Yes, you can stop pointing that out already, N-)

What do your custom names mean?

Mostly nothing. I make them up. Sometimes I use already existing words and turn them into a name or I come up with something totally new but generally in real life they mean nothing.
Some of the names I use are going to be explained as words from their ancient language. 
(That ancient language is made up too).

Is there some special ways of pronouncing your custom names?

Yes actually. You can find a guide here

Why do your characters have a ((feature)) looking like that?
It doesn't look like that.

Hey, don't teach them how to be a hellcephiran. They do not teach you how to be an earthling!

Is ((character)) you or someone you know?

No, I do not insert real people in this comic.
If some character looks/acts similar to me or someone I know, that's not intentional.
I just create stuff based on things I see around me. Not to mention that I learned to draw female bodies by looking at myself as a reference.
No, I didn't mean to insert myself like that, It was just very easy to get references I needed
and it was way nicer than trying to look for them online.

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