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How many chapters is this comic going to have?

Many. I can't really tell yet but it's a long-term comic. I'm even considering making Hellcephira 2 after reaching the final point of the story so expect it to be long. Very long.

What program do you use to draw the comic?

Krita for drawings and Gravit Designer for text.

When do you update?

Wednesdays. If nothing stops me that is. Unfortunately this comic is helping me deal with some head problems and sometimes I'm being defeated by them which results with me not being able to update on time or taking another break. (Please don't be mad if it happens, I'm not doing it on purpose).

I found a grammatical error, should I tell you?

Please, do. I'm a self-taught english speaker who used MMO games instead of books. I'm fully aware that my english is not perfect but I'm willing to improve.

Do you host your own website?

No, I use Comicfury to host my comic. I used to have a custom website but I disbanded it due to costs being too high for a low-population page. I decided to give Comicfury a chance and it's great but the truth is I wouldn't be able to make a decent looking website if I didn't know how to write html pages.

So you made the website layout?

Yes, I coded it all. Maybe I'm weird but creating things with HTML is super fun to me.

How did you come up with this story?

I don't remember what started the very first project I made but it was the ancestor of this one. When I stopped making the first one, I used its skeleton to write a new one. It happened after I had a dream showing me the story told different way which I absolutely fell in love with. It happened in 2010 and I went through many failed attempts of giving life to this project but I finally managed to come up with the version I actually like and I'm passionate about.

How many pages are chapters going to have?

I'm aiming at 25-30 but if the chapter is going to be longer than that I will just a second chapter labelled as part two.

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